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Valentine's Day is like Brussel Sprouts

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

I feel like Valentine’s Day is like brussel sprouts. It’s either a love relationship or a hate relationship. You’ve heard people begrudgingly call February 14th “single’s awareness day” or a “Hallmark holiday”. However, I think the root of Valentine’s Day goes far beyond eating a fancy steak at a romantic dinner or/and eating your feelings in chocolate covered strawberries.

When I think back on my favorite Valentine memories, one of my favorite years was when I was in college, single, and alongside my girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for other years of romantic Valentine dates too, but there’s just something so special about celebrating the ladies who bring so much joy into life.

Sophomore year of college, my college roommate and I spent the day baking pink strawberry cupcakes, making Valentine cards, and then delivering the goodies to our group of friends also living on campus. It brought me to much joy to create delicious treats with my best friend and to share! Later that afternoon, we drove to the Austin Children's Hospital to donate a massive plush bear to a sick little girl. The bear made her day and she made ours.

I feel like our society always capitalizes on romantic love - weddings, anniversaries, relationship status updates on Facebook. We hardly ever take a day just to emphasize the importance of friendship, especially that between women. I would argue that it is more important that ever to celebrate the women in our lives who foster higher self-esteem, bigger voices, and fearless creative spirits. I know I have those lady champions in my life and I'm sure you do too. I like to take Valentine’s day (or rather "Galentine’s Day") to remind my girls about how much they are loved. Write those Valentines, girls!

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Photo: a sign outside Schmackary's Cookies on W. 45th St. NYC. If you haven't been there, stop what you are doing and go now. All the cookies are amazing. You cannot go wrong. Better yet, take a gal-pal and enjoy celebrating life <3

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